Google ha dado un paso adelante para competir con Amazon y Microsoft en el apartado de servicios a empresas en la nube. Ayer anunció la compra de Orbitera, una startup que provee de una plataforma para vender y comprar software basado en la nube. Aunque no se ha hecho oficial la cifra de la operación, en TechCrunch dicen que anda alrededor de los 100 millones de dólares.

Del blog de Google Cloud Platform:

The current model for the deploying, managing and billing of cloud-based software does not easily fit the way today’s modern enterprises operate. Orbitera automates many of the processes associated with billing, packaging and pricing optimization for leading businesses and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) supporting customers running in the cloud. More than 60,000 enterprise stacks have been launched on Orbitera.


Orbitera has built a strong ecosystem of enterprise software vendors delivering software to multiple clouds. This acquisition will not only improve the support of software vendors on Google Cloud Platform, but reinforces Google’s support for the multi-cloud world. We’re providing customers with more choice and flexibility when it comes to running their cloud environment.

En la web de Orbitera, fundada por Firas Bushnaq y Brian Singer, definen que la misión de la empresa es

[…] to transform how all software is sold and bought.  Just as consumer products are easy to sell and buy, we imagine the commerce around software being simple, transparent, and accessible for sellers and buyers globally.

Por otro lado, el CEO de la startup, Marcin Kurc, ha escrito un post congratulándose de la adquisición por parte de Google y de las opciones que ahora mismo se abren para las actividades de Orbitera:

The Google Cloud Platform team shares our vision for seamless purchase and deployment of IT services across heterogeneous cloud infrastructure. It quickly became clear to us that becoming a part of Google would lead to the best possible outcome for our customers. We will continue to deliver the products and services our customers rely on with the added scale that Google provides.

[Vía TechCrunch]

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